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    outlook personal adress book/and drafts


    by mndthegap1 ·

    I have two diffrent user profiles for outlook. is there a way to copy the personal adress book from one profile to the other on the same computer. it is not allowing me to do so because im getting the error the info. service is allready added to theprofile.secondly if you are in outlook and go to look in other persons folder is there any way to add drafts to the selection?

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      outlook personal adress book/and drafts

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to outlook personal adress book/and drafts

      First question: you can export the address book from one profile then log on to the other profile and import it. If you have an Exchange server, for a little more snazzy solution, you can implement Offline Address Books and keep them automatically syncronized.

      Second question: If the folders’ owner has given you appropriate permissions (have them right-click on the folder, choose Properties and then Permissions) you can create a Drafts folder and with the right permissions, you can read, write or edit the contents of that folder.

      hope this helps!


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