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Outlook Profiles

By jhodgers ·
Your article on Outlook file extensions (Tech Mails Outlook Tip, May 7th
2000) is especially interesting because it may point to the cause of a rare
problem we are experiencing.

We are using IE on NT4 workstations to access the internet. Occasionally a
lone user will lose access to the internet even though other users on the
same machine do not have any access trouble at all. We have found that if
we have the user create a new profile by deleting their old one then the
access problemclears up. Once we have done that, the user is unable to
recreate an Exchange profile. An error message states that program .dlls
are missing. Exchange is reinstalled, and the problem clears up.

As far as I can see, no Exchange program .dlls are located in user profiles.
I am suspecting that procedure calls to absent Outlook files in the users'
profile is missing that causes the error. Is it likely that registry
settings are prohibiting Exchange from recreating user profiles?

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Outlook Profiles

by polydactyl In reply to Outlook Profiles

I believe that I may have witnessed the same situation with a multi-user 9x machine. When the error message was displayed, I performed a single ctl-alt-del to see if anything else looked suspicious in task. I saw that MPREXE.EXE was not responding(windows\system). I found that by renaming the affected users .PWL file and rebooting solved both problems. Go figure and good luck. Leslie

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Outlook Profiles

by jhodgers In reply to Outlook Profiles

Thanx for the response. It inspired me to repost this message with the question directed at solving the original problem of lost Internet access, and not the ensuing one of lost Exchange services. Thanx again.

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