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Outlook Programming

By tgutierrez ·
We want to add a question and Yes/No button at the time an email is addressed to a recipient (i.e. "Do you want to send bcc of this message to John?", If you select Yes - it bcc's the message to John).

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Outlook Programming

by RRV In reply to Outlook Programming

If you use VB for programming with Outlook automation server then there is a solution.


Public otApp As New Outlook.Application
Public otMsg As Outlook.MailItem
Public otRecip As Outlook.Recipient
Public otAttach As Outlook.Attachment


Set otMsg = otApp.CreateItem(olMailItem)

Set otRecip = otMsg.Recipients.Add(TypedMailidSeparatebySemicolons)

otRecip.Type = olTo

otMsg.Subject = "EmailSubject"
otMsg.Body = "Email Body"

Set otAttach = otMsg.Attachments.Add(DocumentName, olByValue, , DocumentName)

For Each otRecip In otMsg.Recipients
If Not otRecip.Resolve Then otMsg.Display

otMsg.OriginatorDeliveryReportRequested = True
otMsg.ReadReceiptRequested = True

if msgbox("Do you want to send BCC of this message to John",vbquestion+vbyesno)=vbyes then

Set otRecip = otMsg.Recipients.Add(

otRecip.Type = olBCC


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Outlook Programming

by tgutierrez In reply to Outlook Programming

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Outlook Programming

by tgutierrez In reply to Outlook Programming

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