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    Outlook pst storage


    by bmwood05 ·


    Over user of .pst files with an addiction to using Outlook as a filing system
    I maybe an email hoarder

    Company is changing email retention policy
    – all email over 3 years will be deleted
    – pst files will not work and no new pst files can be created

    What to do??

    Everything is in outlook and i have managed my business with outlook

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      Check with your company’s IT dept,

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Outlook pst storage

      they should be able to answer you. There are multitudes of methods to forward emails to another address. Where you need to use caution is not saving confidential private data belonging to the company…but I also question the wisdom of deleting all messages over such and such age. Some things MUST be maintained for certain number of years for various legal, tax and government regulations.

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      I thought PST files were no more?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Outlook pst storage

      You omitted which email software you used but hey, there are some dozen other email apps that can import your PST data and most are free. Example: Thunderbird. This is not an offer to write a step by step.

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        Re: pst files

        by keesb1 ·

        In reply to I thought PST files were no more?

        I just checked this week in Outlook 365 on my company laptop. It still let me make a pst file.

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      Re: pst-files

      by keesb1 ·

      In reply to Outlook pst storage

      – What company are you talking about?
      – That company can only delete mails on their server, not from your PC. Why not switch to another e-mail provider or switch from imap to pop3 to get all files local?
      – What version of Outlook are you talking about that (in the future) won’t support pst-files any more? My Outlook 2010 will be able to handle pst-files as long as it runs on Windows 10. And so, probably, Outlook 2019 will. So don’t switch to a new version that you don’t like.

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      Export Outlook backup to your local drive

      by arysons.shoaib ·

      In reply to Outlook pst storage

      You can export your Outlook data to your computer. It will be in PST format but that can be converted easily. there are several tools available to convert PSTs.

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