Outlook question about signatures... please help

By staylor104 ·
I'm not an IT guru but instead a designer who is responsible for maintaining a consistent look for all my company's email sigs, and I'm having a problem in Outlook that has stumped me.

Here's the issue. I can design the sig in Dreamweaver and check it in my Outlook and using several browsers, and all the sigs have the same format (colors, underlined links, etc.), but when people in the company incorporate the sig into their own Outlook, it often loses the formatting I assigned to it. The most common issue is a loss of underlined links and font changes.

Since the html is all the same, I assume there must be something central to the way Outlook incorporates sig files (of the html variety anyway) that is configured differently across each person's desktop or laptop, but that's just a guess on my part.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Sean Taylor

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Is everyone sending HTML emails?

by jmgarvin In reply to Outlook question about si ...

Some people may have defaulted outlook to plain text or rich text. If that is the case, your HTML won't render.

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Could be.

by staylor104 In reply to Is everyone sending HTML ...

I'll have to check. I think so, though, if just because there is html formatting in them all, just not the formatting I assigned. Thanks.

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Possible Solutions

by gsquared In reply to Outlook question about si ...

There is an option in the Advanced tab of the Internet Explorer option for underlining links. Since Outlook uses the same options as IE, if someone has this set to "Hover" or "Never", it might affect the underlining of links. (Default is "Always".)

The fonts issue might come from the fonts your using - if Windows doesn't have those same fonts installed on some computers, they might not render correctly. I'm not sure how that works in HTML content, but I've seen it happen a lot in Word documents, PDFs, etc. You might check the Fonts folder (in Control Panel) on one of the computers that doesn't show the signature correctly and see if the desired font isn't installed.

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