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Outlook receive stamp incorrect

By rmillz ·
One of my users are having an issue with MS Outlook. The received time stamp on all incoming email is an hour behind the current time. This user is the only one experiencing this problem. I have checked the time zones on the exchange server, Windows on the client machine and Outlook on the client machine. All settings are in the correct time zone. I sent her a test email and although her Windows' time displays correctly her email still displays an hour behind. Thanks in advance for all help.

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Time Stamp

by Old Guy In reply to Outlook receive stamp inc ...

It's really funny that I just had the same thing happen yesterday. I finally found the time on our Fortigate Firewall was not up to DST and caused some of our user's time stamp to be an hour behind. I checked the box on it to Automatically Adjust for Daylight Saving Time and that took care of it. Check the time on your firewall.

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Firewall time

by rmillz In reply to Time Stamp

Would the firewall still be a factor with inner-office email? Either way, I will check the time on the firewall and let you know. Thanks!

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Checked Firewall

by rmillz In reply to Time Stamp

Unfortunately, the firewall already had the DST checked.

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Oops, Retraction time.

by Old Guy In reply to Time Stamp

I guess this will teach me to further test a fix before speaking. I just now heard back from my user that the Outlook time is still an hour behind and the time on her machine was an hour behind now. Apparently, that was not the fix. Sorry for the wrong info awhile ago. I'm still looking too.

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"Outlook on the client machine"...

by goal120 In reply to Outlook receive stamp inc ...

... does that mean you went to Tools>Options, then clicked CalendarOptions button and then the TimeZone button -- and "current time zone" setting is okay?

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Calendar options

by Old Guy In reply to "Outlook on the client ma ...

I just connected to my user and check that. Her Time Zone was correct but the Adjust for Daylight Savings Time was not checked. I checked it and asked her to let me know if it works. Thanks for the suggestion.

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May not after all...

by goal120 In reply to Calendar options

Hmmm, changing the time zone or DST check in Outlook caused my Windows clock to change also. Did this happen to your user?

I don't remember that happening on earlier versions. We are running Outlook 2003 on WinXP, and have more global policies running now (the details of which I am not privy to).

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Just checked it

by Old Guy In reply to May not after all...

again this morning and it is correct. Her PC time and Outlook time was exact. That's what we are running too on most of our PCs, Outlook 2003 and WinXP Pro with a 2003 Server.

Again, thanks for the help. I presume you have the DST checked in both places?

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looked at DST checkbox

by rmillz In reply to Calendar options

So far, all settings seem to be correct for the server, Windows and Outlook timezones with DST checkboxes already selected. I am going through Tools>Options>Calendar Options>Time Zone in Outlook. Unfortunately, the user's email is still an hour behind. Is there another setting that I could be overlooking?

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Try this...

by g.luis In reply to looked at DST checkbox

You may want try removing her Outlook profile and recreating it.

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