Outlook receives repeat emails every time it is opened

By oursouls ·
This issue seems to be specific to a user rather than a PC. It started happening when upgrading their PC originally to Office 2007 (they were using Outlook Express before,) and joining them on the domain. I have tried them on a different PC and the problem still occurs.

Basically, when outlook is first opened it redownloads the messages on the pop3 server. Once open it will not receive them again until Outlook is restarted. I could change the settings to delete emails on the server, however this is only a mask to hide the error instead of being the cause.

I have tried disabling the virus scanner temporarily, but no joy.
Can anyone tell me what part is responsible for deciding which emails are required?

While we're at it... any suggestions on a program for deleting repeat emails? There are thousands of them now.

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Corrupt PST file.

by 1bn0 In reply to Outlook receives repeat e ...

Been a long time since a fought with Outlook but it sounds like there mail database is corrupt and is not properly storing the messages so they never get marked as delivered.

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Meant to add...

by oursouls In reply to Corrupt PST file.

I did try a fresh .pst, unfortunately it still didn't fix it.

I'll try adding a new profile altogether and see how that goes. If it works I'll report back.

Unfortunately, I'm forever battling Outlook problems with this company... They're the bermuda triangle of PC functionality.

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OST and PST.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Meant to add...

The OST is the one that holds all your settings, and the PST is your archive... I would lable the .OST to .OST(Old) and restart outlook it will then rebuild its self...

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re: Leaving them on the server

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook receives repeat e ...

You said "I could change the settings to delete emails on the server, however this is only a mask to hide the error instead of being the cause."

If they're not connected to an Exchange server, leaving emails on the server IS the problem, not just a mask. I suspect they're not connected to an Exchange server, since you said they were previously using Outlook Express.

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It is pop3

by oursouls In reply to re: Leaving them on the s ...

Indeed they are not connected to exchange. However, even with POP3 emails, you can still leave emails on the server after receiving them and not download duplicates. As much as I will be setting them up with exchange, they have been working with pop3 for quite some time, leaving the emails on the server for 5 days after initial download.
When connecting to pop 3 servers, something (pop3ui.dbx or something similar for outlook express) contains a list of the emails that have been downloaded already. This stops those emails from being downloaded again.
In the case of Outlook, I don't know what keeps a track of this, but whatever it is I suspect it's not doing it properly.

I know I could have the emails deleted from the server immediately, but it really isn't the solution as it doesn't particularly fit well with their system.

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re: Outlook

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to It is pop3

You said they are joined to a domain. Are you using roaming profiles, yet have the local PST file set to be on an individual machine? Or, is the PST file setup on the server, so no matter where they log in, Outlook (for their account) opens ONE PST file?

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Part of the fun

by oursouls In reply to re: Outlook

They do have roaming profiles, although until I shift them on to an exchange server their outlook uses a local PST. There is only one PST file for each user, although setting up on a new PC does involve copying the PST file first. So yes, it is on their individual machine.

I suspect the emails are being marked as downloaded while outlook is open, however upon closing outlook these changes are not saved.

As I said in an earlier post, I will try a completely fresh start on outlook, setting the accounts up manually instead of importing from Outlook express, and see how that works.

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Problem Solved

by oursouls In reply to Outlook receives repeat e ...

Forgot to post on here that the problem has been solved. I'm still not 100% sure whether it is the .pst or not. I created a new .pst and set it as default, importing all the settings (not emails) from the previous default. This was unsuccessful.
However, the solution was just as simple. By creating a new profile and setting up the emails again, I was able to import the emails and contacts from the previous .pst and found it worked perfectly.

Of course, life would be so much easier if they'd just agree an exchange server!

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