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    Outlook Rules


    by s_elshall ·

    Outlook Rules (Exchange Server 2003)
    I would like to create a rule that can move all messages received from Internal Users (same domain users) to a folder called ‘Internal’ taking into consideration that all recepients (cc’s and bcc’s) should also be Internal Users.
    The expected rule should be something like this:
    “Apply this rule after the message arrives, sent to user in ‘Global Address List’ address Book and sender is in ‘Global Address List’ address Book, move it to the ‘Internal’ folder.”
    The problem is, there is no option for checking that all recepients are internal users(same domain users).
    Is there any standard option I can use?
    If not, what else can be used?
    Is there any tool available to create custom rules ?

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      Reply To: Outlook Rules

      by ippirate ·

      In reply to Outlook Rules

      Create rule


      Move messages 1. [u]where sender is in a [b]specified address book[/b][/u] and 2. [u]specific words in [b]recipients address[/b][/u] to 3. [u][b]specified folder[/b][/u]

      where bolds are variables within the rule.

      Something to keep in mind, you may be able to forego 2 if you are just trying to route email sent from inside the company to this folder.

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