Outlook sends email with wrong time

By byte2hard ·
I have a friend with Outlook 2003. Her computer time and time zones are set right, but when she sends an email Outlook's time stamps the email an hour later. (ie. computer time sent 9:00a, Outlook time stamp 10:00a)How do I fix this?

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2nd PC with Outlook works just fine

by byte2hard In reply to Outlook sends email with ...

I forgot to mention, I did email tests to see if the time stamp was from the mail server SBC. On another PC hooked to the same router I can send emails using outlook with no problems. The computer setup is the same minus the mother board and CPU speeds. Windows XP, Outlook 2003

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Check for DST

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Outlook sends email with ...

One thing to look at...

In Outlook go to Tools - Options. On the Preferences tab, click the 'Calendar Options' button. On the next screen, click the 'Time Zone' button. Check her Time Zone settings. Is 'Adjust for Daylight Savings Time' checked? If not, check it.

Let me know if that works.

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I found the DST Problem is with XP SP1

by byte2hard In reply to Check for DST

The mother board that was being used had a conflict with SP2, and SP2 has a fix for the DST problem. (Read on Microsoft) There is a manual way where you have to load some tool to update the time zones. My friend opted to update the Motherboard and CPU instead, to be SP2 compliant. I thought this was the best way. Thank you for your help.

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What is the article?

by anthonyvcodispoti In reply to I found the DST Problem i ...

I'm having the same problem with my time stamp in Outlook. I've checked the time zone settings and DST settings in the control panel and inside Outlook itself. I'd like to look into the solution you mention about loading some kind of tool. I couldn't find the article you reference - can you send a link to it? Thanks.

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I believe this is the link....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to What is the article?

Since that member does not have peer mail enabled and has only visited here a few times over the past year, I doubt if they will respond.

From what I could tell, this is what that they were referring to:

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