Outlook "Sent Mail" dated in the future?

By somethinggood4 ·
One of our staff asked me to look into why the "Sent Mail" counter in her system was no longer adding new emails. She was losing her ability to locate sent mail to prove to clients and her boss that she had followed up where appropriate. She asked me to look into why it was happening. My first thought, as I'm sure was yours, was that somehow the "Save a copy to Sent" checkbox had become unchecked. Not the case. So I went to her Sent Mail folder and discovered that she has at least forty messages that have been sent, and the sent date is in the future!

Before you ask, I have checked her system clock. Not only is it accurate, it's synced with a time server to keep it up to date, so that's not the issue. Also, the Time Zone is set correctly; even if it weren't that still wouldn't explain why she has emails that are "Sent" next Saturday (it's Wednesday as I write this).

Does anyone know the resolution to the underlying issue, or is this woman just so efficient that she can finish tasks four days in the future??

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Server clock?

by TobiF In reply to Outlook "Sent Mail" dated ...

Do you have the same issue for other users?Have you checked the time on the email server?
Try sending an email from her account and carefully check the time stamps in the headers.

Hmm. Check her regional settings. What if the time and date received from the server is construed in a different way than expected. (is 10/11/12 12 Nov 2010 or 11 oct 2012 or...?)

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No other users affected

by somethinggood4 In reply to Server clock?

We have three other users sharing the email server - no one else has reported any problems.

Haven't sat down and done some rigorous testing yet - no time! (It's always the way, right?)

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Any examples?

by TobiF In reply to No other users affected

Can you give an example of what date you got when?
I guess this is a mismatch between date formats.

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Haven't had a real test yet

by somethinggood4 In reply to Any examples?

Unfortunately, I don't have any real idea of when the emails were sent, I just know it wasn't tomorrow!

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Is this person using an email client or OWA?

by NexS In reply to Outlook "Sent Mail" dated ...

Either way, I'd be checking the application (internet browser or email client) for any timezone settings.

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Outlook 2003

by somethinggood4 In reply to Is this person using an e ...

Someone suggested backing up and re-installing Outlook 2003. Is there a date setting directly in O'03 that parses date formats?

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Outlook 2003 date and time options

by NexS In reply to Outlook 2003

Tools >> Options >> Calendar Options >> Time Zone

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