Outlook setup new POP3 account

By luv2bike2 ·
We use PostOffice, which the company who developed it, is no longer around. So i can not go to them with this issue. I sure hope someone out there can help me out.

I configure Outlook 2003 for the users to send and receive emails as a POP3 service and have not had a problem configuring Outlook 2003 until now.

I create a new user in PostOffice like I normally do, go into Outlook to configure the user and test the account. When I test the account that is when I get an error message from Outlook. it says:
"Send Test e-mail message: Unable to send test message. Please verify the e-mail address field."

I have verified the e-mail address 100 times, password is correct as well. i have tried to set up the user in outlook on my PC but I still get the same error message. I figured maybe its the user name so i created a new account in PostOffice and tried to set up the new account (different name and password) however i am still getting that same message. i added my email account to the PC that i am trying to set up the new email account on and put in all my information in Outlook and i was able to connect and send and receive emails. so the issue is not the PC.

This is very fustrating since I was able to create users in Postoffice and set them up in Outlook 2003 as recently as two months ago.

The only thing that has changed was our parent company wanted our website be redirected to their website so i had the person who hosted our website redirect it to our parent company. This person said that what he did has nothing to do with my issue. My mail server is here in house, DNS, Wins, DHCP, Active Directory as all here in house. the only thing that was not inhouse was our webpage. other than that, my network has not changed at all.

Can anyone help me... suggestions or whatever would be greatly appreciated.

side note: all my users that had email configured are not have a problem.. they are working just fine.


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new user

by shasca In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

Whenever we have an issue creating a new user in Groupwise it is usually a DB corruption issue. Novell has utilities to do databases repairs. I unfortunately no nothing about Postoffice, or its file structure. See if there are any builtins that will let you do any maintenance on their system files/Domains/Postoffices.
This is just guesswork on my part.

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by luv2bike2 In reply to new user

I will look to see if there is anything about maintenace ...postoffice is a web base program --for creating accounts and what have you... i will check again to see if there is anything about maintenance.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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Outlook setup new POP3 account

by oz_cast In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

1: Check your "MX" and "A" records
2: Make sure you are using the correct SMTP/outgoin mail settings.
3: Can you Ping your
4: Can you do a trace route?
5: check reverse DNS for ur domain.
6: do you have to authenticate on your way out? meaning on your outgoing mail settings?

At times I have done the test and it fails but when I actually sent out email it goes through fine. could be just a little glitch on outlook.

hope this helps.

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MX and A records

by luv2bike2 In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

I don't believe Post.Office has MX and A records records, I don't see them anywhere.

the settings are correct for SMTP outgoing mail.

i can ping the server. all my other email users are not having a problem.

I can do a trace route and its all good.

reverse DNS is good as well

authentication is good as well.

The new account can not send or recieve any messages. i am going to look to see if there is anything that needs to be done as far as maintenance.

When i took this job almost 3 years ago, Post.Office was already installed and I don't have any support for it, which makes it really hard to figure out what the problem is. Up to this point, I have not had any issues with Post.Office.

thanks for your reply!

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Wait, wait . . .

by Kenone In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

You redirected your website?
So is redirected to
Is your mail server at

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by luv2bike2 In reply to Wait, wait . . .

Yes my mail server is at and we did redirect our webpage from to

The person who hosted our site is offsite from us and our parent company wanted our website to point to their website so if you went to our website it would automaticaly go to the parent website. This person said that the change does not have anything to do with my issue however I do not believe it. Do you think this might be the problem?

This is my email message to the guy who hosted our website and his response below my message to him.

"My question is regarding when you redirected to

Would that have any effect on email system?

All of my present users are working fine, however when I create a new user in my email system and test the account in Outlook, I am getting an error message saying

?Send test e-mail message: Unable to send test message. Please verify the e-mail address. Failed.?

I have verified the email address a hundred times, I have changed the password several times, I have also tried to create a different email address and I still get the above error message."

His response:
"The redirect will have no affect on the email, no changes made were not to any dns records. The redirect is actually performed by the webserver."


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Outlook setup new POP3 account

by oz_cast In reply to Redirect

when you create accounts on your "Post Office" is that via a webpage or an actual tool?

maybe you forgot to select something that makes it work on Outlook. like our company email is hosted by a 3rd party vender. we have to check : Enable pop retrieval.
maybe something simple as that.

hope that helps.


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Post Office - Webpage

by luv2bike2 In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

Any configurations that I need to do in Post.Office, I do it in a web page. There is a section there that I check off POP3 Delivery and put in the users email address.

i have gone back and forth with a current user (one that is and has been working) and the new user configuration to see if i missed anything and from what i can see the only things that are different are the user name, email address and log in name and password. everything else is the same.

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Outlook setup new POP3 account

by oz_cast In reply to Post Office - Webpage

last thing I can think of is that you probably reached your quota on how many users you can create on your "POST OFFICE"

just because all the users are working except now that you added your last one.

sorry if this was not helpful.


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Post Office quota

by luv2bike2 In reply to Outlook setup new POP3 ac ...

Thanks for your response Oz.

I wish that was the reason. we have a 100 user license and we are only using 30 licenses.

This is going to drive me bunkers. LOL.

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