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Outlook Slow

By geeksquad ·
I am trying to troubleshoot and speed up Outlook 2003, what are some simple tips?

There aren't any viruses or spyware but she continues to have problems with Outlook?

We are using Exchange 2003

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by Maevinn In reply to Outlook Slow

Is a pst in use? If so, how big is it? Max file size is 2 GB, but they tend to become sluggish once they get much above 1 GB, and down right doggish at 1.5GB. Solution: create another pst, divvy up the existing records into more than one. Good management, either way, since recovery of pst's above 1GB is harder, and 'impossible' at 2GB.

Even on a PST that hasn't gotten very large, it helps to compact it periodically--from the pst's properties, go advanced, and click Compact.

Also, verify that the email box is cleaned out, blah, blah, normal email stuff.

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by Dumphrey In reply to Outlook Slow

Are you sure the problem is with exchange and not Outlook? or even Windows? What sort of problems...if its just slow its either server issue or network issue (usually,,nothing ever set in stone). Double check physical connection between the server and her machine to see if there is a "laggy" cat 5 cable, ie bad cable and or excessive collisions. Look at server logs. Compact database for mail mail storage.

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by Juanita Marquez In reply to Outlook Slow

Right, this could easily be a network issue...but depending on what exactly is "slow" (the app launching? printing the emails? receiving the email from the inside or the outside of the company? sending to other users in or out? changing from Inbox to Contacts? using it with a lot of other programs open? using it by itself?) it could very well simply be a resource issue - in which case, check the usual suspects like how full her C: drive is, do a Detect and Repair, check her RAM cache, registry size allowance and fragmentation, check Task Manager for a rogue process eating up her CPU, etc. If she is isolated in her slowness and none of the other users are having the same problems, that's where I'd put my money.

Does she have Outlook on autostart? It's going to compete with all the other stuff that Windows is doing and therefore be running slowly, so I'd take it out of Startup if it's there.

Just some ideas.

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by DugaDugDug In reply to Outlook Slow

I've had similar problems and changed, actually removed unnecessary protocols, from the rpc binding order. See the following for details.

Make sure to export any registry key before you make changes.

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