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Outlook Smart Tag Conflict (thanks, Bill... GAH!)

By jared ·
I've got a situation that I just can't quite manage to fix... rare as that may be. *g*

I've recently undergone a crash that happened as a result of uninstalling Norton System Works from a Win2k box... first time I've had an uninstall result in such dire consequenses. However painful that may have been, the real frustration came 3 steps later.

I was in the process of migrating to a new box anyway, so the crash was just a blip. Now I'm working organizing and settling in to the new box, Windows XP Pro SP2, Office 2003. I've moved my old Outlook pst's over and reoragnized all the data, reconstructed my signatures, and everything is working OK... EXCEPT:

I've got my internet security options in Outlook set to Medium... blocks scripts and so on... however every single time I create a new email message (which has a default signature in it) or use Insert>Signature, I get an error that says my current security settings prevent ActiveX objects from executing in my emails. YAY, thank god for that. I've viewed source enough times on a few different messages and tracked the error back to a Smart Tag that's generated when I insert what looks to Outlook as an address (MINE, as if I need a Smart Tag to tell me that!)

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm sooo close to moving to Thunderbird, or buying a Mac to get MacMail (it's a work of art!) but Outlook has several features that it would be a pain to do without. I'd rather fix the problem than migrate.

Thanks to anyone who replies...


I'm soooo tired of MS unleashing pure, unadulterated genius on us. Leaves me wanting to say "Hey, great idea guys... but I DON'T FRIGGIN WANT IT NOW GET OUT OF MY COMPUTER!"

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