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Outlook takes 5+ mins to open a mail

By DCW ·
My team is working on a network problem. We have 3 sites each with an Exchange Server and various NT 4.0 Servers. We have a total of around 500 users, and we have problem in a site, say site B, where there are 150 users. There, for around 50 whenopening Outlook, and when some particular mail are highlighted (with Preview Panel On), Outlook will just freezed,and if they can wait, the mail will appear in the Preview Panel in 5-10 minutes.
This kind of "Mines" mail is around 1-5% of the newermails received since we observed this. These "Mines" are mostly those system generated reply from Outlook tracking, or mails with attachment, but in some case may be any other mails. For some users, there will have the message "Attachment Not Available" when trying to open an attachment and need several trial to success. When a mail become a "Mine" the experiment can always repeat on it.
However, when the troubled mailbox is open in another remoted site, say site A, they are perfectly OK.
On reversed testing, for mailboxes in site A, when open in the troubled site B, will have problem.
We have re-installed the Exchange server in site B, hotfix, run optimizer, and the situation is the same. We have also tried to create a 2nd account for user, pour all mails back to the 2nd account, but when go to the 'mines', it still hang. When the client PC is having the hanging, there is no abnormal traffic in the network and the utilization in the Exchange is normal. No sign of virus when scanned.
We are now testing on the newly installed Intel 480T and 460T switches and Intel Pro 1000T NIC to see if the problem is caused by them, though not likely, as they have been running for some time with no problems.
We have WINS Server, usingExchange 5.5 with SP3, and NT 4.0.
Exchange Server is running on a DELL PowerEdge 4300 with 40GB hardisk on Raid, 1GB RAM, Dual PentIII 800.
Can anyone advice?


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