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    Outlook to Exchange 2003


    by edlockett ·

    I have a Small Business Server 2003 domain. Currently the clients in the domain use outlook to retrieve pop3 email from an internal server and store it in .pst files which are located centrally in the users’ home folders on the server.
    We wish to implement Exchange, so we need to configure Exchange to receive mail via SMTP from the internet, and then transfer the contents of the users’ .pst files to their new mailboxes.
    I have waded at length through deployment guides etc on the MS web site, however nowhere can I find any mention of this particular scenario. All of the documentation seems to pertain to migrating from earlier versions of exchange or lotus notes or anything you like it seems – except for straightforward POP3 mail in outlook.
    Can anybody give me a quick step by step as to what procedures are necessary to accomplish this. Bearing in mind that we wish to disrupt the users’ email access for as short a time as possible.
    Just to make it absolutely clear – we do not already have exchange or any other central messaging system installed. As we have SBS2003 Exchange is already installed so I do not need to know how to install it. I just want to know how to make it work!
    Thanks in advance for any light shed on this.

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      by vinnyd ·

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      To implement Exchange to have the server send and receive mail you should have a Fixed external IP address! It can work with a dynamic external address but you will have trouble sending e-mail to certain outside domains (like AOL which will not accept mail from a dynamic IP).

      So to just have your users continue to use the pop3 mail account to send and receive all you need to do is add the exchange service in outlook.

      Make the pop3 account the default account! This is important!

      Now you uses have still the PST files with all th e information.

      You can change the delivery local to the Exchange server mail box. Then you can move all the items in the PST file into the exchange mail box!

      After you have moved all the items from the PST file you can close the PST so only the Exchange mail box is left.

      Now if you have a fixed IP address and want exchange to do all the work, you do the same as the stop above to move all the PST items to the exchange mail box.

      In Exchange Manager go to the SmallBusiness SMTP connector properties and verify using DNS to route mail.

      Then go to the SMTP protocol “Default smtp virtual server” properties, then the delivery tab, advanced button, then the Configure button to add your external DNS server ip’s (this is how exchange finds where to send the mail).

      Now if your e-mail providor does not have exchange e-mail support, you have to use the POP3 connection to add your pop3 e-mail boxes and map them to the proper users in your exchange server.

      As you can see there is more than one way to configure this depending on how you need it to work.

      This is just a general overview to get you started.

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      by edlockett ·

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      Okay. We do have fixed IPs, these belong to the router and firewall. The SBS server is on the internal network. I can forward SMTP to the internal server from the firewall, so that is fine. We will scrap the POP3 mailboxes and receive the email by SMTP. What changes do we need to make on the ISP side (hosting server)? Also, what we really need to be able to do is import the users’ mailboxes and change their outlook settings without having to reset all their passwords. Is there a way to do this easily?

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      by edlockett ·

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