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    Outlook Vs Palm Zaire, Killing My Dell


    by mrquestion ·

    Here’s the scenario:
    I had just updated my Dimension 8200 to 640K RDRAM and was zoomin’ through apps and on the internet (RoadRunner) when I ran into a barricade AFTER loading new Palm Zaire software. The internet began to run much more slowly overall. I uninstalled the Palm app and restarted. Now, the internet runs slightly faster (hard to tell with cable)MSWord has slowed in a few tasks such as opening/printing and occasionally locks completely. When I first bring up IE, enter my password, click OK it freezes. I then have to open another session of IE in order for the frozen session to thaw and go to the Hotmail site. I can then close the 2nd IE session and use the 1st IE session.
    Back to the Palm app…during installation, I choseOutlook as the PIM of choice versus the Palm PIM. Was this a BAD choice??
    Up to this point, I had not loaded any PIM software on this PC and had not experienced a problem with Outlook, IE or the Road Runner ISP. I have downloaded the most recentMS and other Outlook patches.

    Also, notice in task manager that IE is running around 20mb with several SV HOST apps running 6mb.
    Thanks for the help!

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