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    outlook web access


    by simarjeet_s ·

    1) How can i installed/configured exchange 2000 outlook web access on my exchange server 2000?
    2) we are able to access only administrator account through OWA and we want to access all accounts from OWA, so pls help me to do this.

    * we have only one server at our place.

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      outlook web access

      by curlergirl ·

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      Outlook Web Access is installed by default with every Exchange 2000 installation. So, unless you have done something non-standard, like uninstalling IIS or removing the OWA folders from IIS, it is already installed and running. Permissions is a bit tricky with OWA. I’ve had some installations where everything magically got configured correctly right from the get-go, but usually not. Here are a few MS knowledgebase articles that might be helpful:;en-us;322309;en-us;292723;en-us;282964

      (be sure to remove any spaces in these urls)

      Hope this helps!

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      outlook web access

      by ctmoore1998 ·

      In reply to outlook web access

      OWA comes pretty much ready to go once exchange is installed But I ran into this problem also. Open your IIS manager and right click on the default web server and choose properties. I don’t have the server in front of me now and I don’t recall whichtab it is on but find the access controller by default only the administrators are configured to use this resource once you add in the other usernames then they will be able to access the OWA as well, though I suggest that you change the default access from http to https for security.

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