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    Outlook Web Access


    by scoker ·

    Situation: User “A” has two email addresses each at a different job site. He uses Outlook Web Access (through Exchange 5.5) to access his primary account from the secondary location. Primary email account is Outlook 98. Secondary email account is GroupWise 5.5. When emails are sent to his GW 5.5 account a rule is activated which forwards the emails to his Primary Outlook 98 account. The problem is that when he goes on the Internet and accesses his primary email account via OWA, he cannot open the forwarded emails from GW 5.5. He gets the message: “The attachment is a type that is not yet supported”. Any suggestions

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      Outlook Web Access

      by corky132 ·

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      This is fixed in exchange 2000.. You might try to change the rule to send text only in groupwise.. it sends the email as an attachment, rather than the message text itself..

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      Outlook Web Access

      by ron navon ·

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      Dear Madam/Sir,

      If you are working in US language only, you didn’t give any problem, but if you are working with other language specially ME Languages you have to change the code pages of on Exchange under forms folder ( it is approximately 43 files).
      I did it in Hebrew Language and it works well.
      If it is possible for you make a test Mail Server.
      Thanks and Best Regards.

      Ron Farzan

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