Outlook Web Access replies to Internal users are missing text

By swisstonihasher ·
Strange one this, using Outlook Web Access running Exchange 2000/2003 servers, sending emails (reply or new) to external addresses via OWA is fine, email rec'd including the content text typed. Send same email to an internal user using OWA and the content text is missing, the email is rec'd with subject details but the rest is blank!

The other way, Outlook to OWA works fine, so just seems to be OWA issue - anyone else getting this?

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since OWA is being used here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outlook Web Access replie ...

I imagine that the users in question are not downloading the files to their local machines but just viewing them and when they forward on they are only forwarding on the headers and so forth without the body of the e-mail because it doesn't exist at their workstation.


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It just gets stranger!

by swisstonihasher In reply to since OWA is being used h ...

After further investigation it seems that 2 users now have the same problem with Outlook Web Access. If they send to external email addresses using OWA, then the email including header and content gets through okay, but if send to internal user, content blank. This works the same even if the same email is sent both internal and external at the same time.

There's probably more users having this problem with OWA but they just dont realise it yet.

On testing, you can send an email via outlook with text as content to internal user, read it in OWA as that user, reply and then all the content, including the original text is missing!

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What is happening there is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to It just gets stranger!

That as the original stuff is being viewed Remotely it isn't getting downloaded to the local machine, so when a reply is typed in it doesn't actually get appended to the original mail.

I really don't like OWA as it produces far more problem than it actually solves and here you are just seeing one of them. If the end User doesn't download to their local Terminal they are just viewing an image that they are unable to modify.


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How do you "fix" this?

by swisstonihasher In reply to What is happening there i ...

That's a pain then as we have remote users that have crap broadband connections that cant use Outlook reliably - know of any fix?

Further investigation still shows OWA email to OWA also blank - this is a real pain.
I guess MS must release a patch to fix this?

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Sounds as if you are currently

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How do you "fix" this?

Between a Rock & a Hard Place.

The best solution here would be to get your end users to send e-mails direct to the people that they want to send this onto and not rely on the Forward Option on Outlook. This should keep the amount of required bandwidth to a minimum and allow the e-mail contents to be received. As there are only additions that are not appearing on the Forward command I would suggest that the End Users stop using this option as they are not actually making any additions to the stuff that they are forwarding on. They could download locally and then forward but that would require more bandwidth & Time which by the sounds of things are not currently available.


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Problem is end users and OWA only...

by swisstonihasher In reply to Sounds as if you are curr ...

Thing is, end users in my firm hate the words "you cant do it this way" or "no", its an impossible mission for "change"!

Outlook emails sent to OWA/internal or external either new or reply are fine, its just OWA sending/replies that the blank email appears. It must be a bug in OWA? The only sod is that I cant remember how long ago OWA worked perfectly fine for sending/replying to emails.

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If they download to their local machines

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Problem is end users and ...

It will work fine again. What I think you'll find has happened here is that someone has discovered that they can view remotely and then is trying to use that remote ability to forward on changes or additions that they have attempted to make and that is where the trouble has started.

If they start off with everything Local and continue to bring everything into their local machine it will work perfectly but when they use the ability in OWA to view Remotely that is when they One person at least is finding that they can not make changes and have them appear on the e-mails when they forward them on.

They might not like being told that they can not do something but it's a Fact Of Life Unfortunately. Some things just can not be achieved and there is no way that anything that you do will make it possible. Personally I don't like paying for Fuel but I do like to drive around so I accept that I have to pay for the fuel that I and my staff burn to get to our work. What I hate far more is running out of fuel a long way from anywhere so I continue to fill up when the tank starts to get empty.

If you disable the ability to Remote View you will have fixed the problem and you can paper over it with a quite correct statement that this is How It Works if You Don't Like It Complain to Management or M$ as they are the ones who brought this or the ones who make it. Unfortunately I can not redesign the program to do something that it was never intended to do. After they have spent an hour waiting On Hold to speak to someone at M$ they will lose interest quite rapidly.


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Vista is a problem

by milan.dol In reply to Outlook Web Access replie ...

hi all,
i hope i?m correct but i tried to fix it, but without any chance, on my old laptop with XP is working everything fine, but on the new one with vista, the text part for reply/new email is gone just nice red cross ;-)), i find how to fix it on one other blog so if you want take a look


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