Outlook Web Access - TEXTAREA does not display

By Skyjob ·
I have encountered a problem on my pc, where when logging onto OWA, everything works fine, but as soon as I open a reply or new message window, the TEXTAREA is displayed with a red X.

I am astouned, as nothing has been installed or removed! It worked perfectly until recently...

Any ideas how to fix this?
I am in need of fast help as I cannot reply to anyone already for a week!

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Which OS are you useing to access OWA

by bdavis07 In reply to Outlook Web Access - TEXT ...

I encountered a problem like this it was when a client used vista to access owa it did the exact same thing your talking about if you useing xp with ie7 its possible the same could happen but i dont think it does microsoft has an update you might want to apply. Also i have exchange server 2003

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Windows XP SP2, with IE7, but reverted back to IE6

by Skyjob In reply to Which OS are you useing t ...

I am using Windows XP SP2, and had indeed upgraded to IE7 RC1.
That's when I noticed it first.
I decided to remove IE7 and revert to IE6, but the problem persisted.
I will try the patch and report back here.

Thanks so far, hope it works

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No Joy

by Skyjob In reply to Which OS are you useing t ...

I have tried to review the update, but only to find out this has to be installed at the exchange server 2003, to which i do not have access.

I am the client in this scenario and tring to get onto our company server, located abroad, so still no joy.

If your thoughts are correct, how can client machines be affected? I now run IE6 again and still experience the same problem.

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Quick Solution

by bdavis07 In reply to No Joy

Download and install Firefox it will allow you to log into owa but with basic options this should get you by. If you still have system restore enabled you could also try restoring it back a day before you installed ie7 rc1. And you may want to send an email to the guys over exchange and inform them of your problem.

I just installed ie7 rc1 on one of my client machines and accessed owa without any problems as well as sending emails but i do keep exchange server 2003 updated im surprised youve had the problem with the text area not comeing in right the only known account of this that i have come across is when a client accessed owa with vista and was unable to type anything in text area.

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Found a solution

by Skyjob In reply to Quick Solution

Solution: re-register the triedit.dll control and dhtmled.ocx

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How ?

by greg4calix In reply to Found a solution

Can yo tell me how to re register those files.

I too am a client in using Vista on my machine. Never had the problem when I had IE7 in XP SP2, but do now after upgrading to Vista.


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Server Side Hotfix

by friedchicken_x_ In reply to How ?

Fixed the problem by installing the following hotfix. (KB **1829).


Niels Minnee

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Outlook Web Access to Exchange 2003 and Vista

by avergj In reply to Server Side Hotfix

text area is greyed out. When i downloaded patch KB911829 and tried to installed it, it complains that NOT ENOUGH STORAGE IS AVAILABLE TO COMPLETE THIS COMMAND.
Did anybody have this issue?

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Solution give in this blog

by msvkumar In reply to Server Side Hotfix
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TEXTbox is greyed out in Exchange 2003 with Vista operating system

by avergj In reply to Which OS are you useing t ...

When I get to Exchange from Internet Explorer 7 the text area of new message is greyed out. The same when I click reply button.

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