Outlook won't open PDF attachments

By eggdashure ·
Hey all,

I'm struggling with an issue in Windows Mail / Outlook. Here's the lowdown.

I have installed a suite of programs designed to OCR PDF's, after doing so the default program to open PDF's went from Adobe Reader to PDF Pro 4. In Vista, I found a PDF, right clicked on it and chose "Open With". Next I selected "Default Program File Types" and changed the default back to Adobe I also made sure "Always use this selection" was checked.

Now comes the fun part, for whatever reason Outlook / Windows Mail will not open the files directly from the email. I can right click and save it to the desktop and open it there, but the customer wants it back to the way it was. "Double click attachment and open."

Any ideas?


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Check in the Trust Center

by Maevinn In reply to Outlook won't open PDF at ...

Under Attachment Handling. Sounds like Outlook lost the application to be able to preview the document.

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Trust Center?

by eggdashure In reply to Check in the Trust Center

Is this option in the Control Panel or somewhere inside the Email Program?

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In Outlook

by Maevinn In reply to Trust Center?

On the Tools Tab, in Office 2007.

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Check in control panel

by seanferd In reply to Outlook won't open PDF at ...

and make sure that Acrobat is indeed the default app for opening PDF.
Control Panel -> Default Programs -> Associate filetype or protocol with a program

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File types...

by eggdashure In reply to Check in control panel

I'm trying to accomplish this via phone conversation. I tried this idea, but the associations were only for basic Windows programs. I'm sure I could have found a way to add Adobe to this list if I were onsite, but no such luck.

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And, if all else fails....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Outlook won't open PDF at ...

... Uninstall the Adobe Reader then reinstall it. That usually corrects any file association problems you might have in those hidden settings.

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