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    Outlook XP


    by jmiller ·

    I just upgraded my version of Outlook from 2000 to XP. In my Contacts folder, when I go to address an e-mail to someone, it has duplicates of each person who has an e-mail address and a fax number. I want it to display only the e-mail address whenI go to address it to that person, and not their fax number as well. So, I only want that person displayed once in my Contacts and not twice? Is there a way to go about this?

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      Outlook XP

      by syscokid ·

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      This behavior is by design in the Outlook 2002 Address Book. Recipients who have both an e-mail address and a fax number are listed twice; once for the e-mail address and once for the fax number.

      If you are not using Outlook 2002 to send faxes, you can avoid this behavior by storing fax numbers in a field that is not specific to faxing. For example, you can store fax numbers in the Other field in the phone numbers section of the -Contact dialog box. This way, the fax number is still available, but is not considered as an alternative method for delivery by Outlook 2002 or by the Check Names feature.

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