Outlook XP/2003 printing problems small font size since IE7 update

By swisstonihasher ·
Has anyone else experienced problems with random emails printing in small fonts from Outlook XP/2003?

No pattern seems to exist as an email from an external source can have the small font print problem (with no header) and yet the next email from them will be fine. If you copy and paste the email text (which "views" normally from Outlook) into word it prints normally.

On checking HTML settings for fonts, all users that have this issue are set the same as everyone else, ie medium text size.

Please let me know if you've experienced this...

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Outlook XP/2003 printing problems small font size since IE7 update

by clifftayloruk In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

A number of users on my network have reported this issue since IE7 was rolled out in the last week or so. Uninstalling IE7 cures the problem, so that must be where the issue lies. I'm still investigating further and will post back here if I find anything more out.

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Yes, I am also facing this problem...

by lnbates In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

Yes, since I installed IE7, my outlook 2003 e-mail printing is being reduced to a very small font.

I have tried to go into print and page setup, but to no avail.

I guess I'll have to uninstall IE7...

Too bad...

If someone has a solution... please post..

Hammer... (can't touch this).

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Ditto, Here's another workaround

by jfowler In reply to Yes, I am also facing thi ...

You can disable font styles:
Open Internet Options. On the general tab, click the Accessibility button. Check mark "Ignore font styles specified on webpages".

This will allow you to print headers on HTML emails.

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Workaround causes other problems

by greg In reply to Ditto, Here's another wor ...

When you make this accessibility change you mess up the style sheets for the websites so the webpages you're viewing look distorted.

going back to the issue:

I've replicated this same issue with ie7 on several pc's now. As soon as internet explorer 7 is installed printing html emails in outlook is completely screwed up.

Its not all html emails however. It appears to be html emails formatted in previous versions of office... ie... office 2000 and office 2002 html authored emails printed with ie 7 are screwed up.

I've tested and confirmed the issue is with older versions of office and ie 7.

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Another workaround

by jens.dahmen In reply to Yes, I am also facing thi ...

In Outlook go to Tools | Options... and on the Preferences Tab select "E-Mail Options..." and mark the "Read all mail in plain text" option. That will fix all formating issues and should enable you to print properly.

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Sounds like...

by dawgit In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

a fairly typicle M$ / XP problem. It seems like almost every time M$ does an up-date of any kind I have the same problem (or Worse)
A quick Question here? Is the Printer in question off an USB or the Print/Par-port? That does make a difference. I only have the problems on the par.port printer.
My solutions always involve redoing the settings card for that printer. (Start/Printers and Faxes/Printer#x/Properties/-)
Sometime times twice, (if it looks correct, change to something bogus, then redo as correct) that usally does it.

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printer independent

by tony In reply to Sounds like...

In my cases - headers not being printed, I tried network printers (KPDL), PCL, a USB Epson and printing to PDF.

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Sounds like...-Double Post- Sorry

by dawgit In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

That's not funny

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Similar problem

by tony In reply to Outlook XP/2003 printing ...

I have a customer with a similar problem, and can replicate it.

IE7, Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003 server (running on SBS 2003)

Some incoming HTML emails will not print the headers at all.

If I convert the HTML mail to plain text (only option) and send it back to myself, the problem disappears; if I then convert the plain text mail to HTML and mail it back to myself, it prints perfectly.

Thus, it has to be either something in the incoming HTML mail or it doesn't happen for the internal domain.

The only clue I have is that the incoming HTML mails might contain extended character sets.

Printing the same emails from Outlook Web Access also shows the same problem - not surprising, because as far as I can tell, Outlook 2003 uses IE for printing of HTML mails (but not Plain or Rich Text). I deduced this a long time ago because if you print an email with a file attachment, plain text and rich text print the file attachment - icon and name, but HTML mails don't (but do from Outlook Express).

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Ie7 problem for sure...MS aware and looking at fix

by swisstonihasher In reply to Similar problem

I've experienced both small font prints from HTML emails, plus no headers etc on others, all since ie7 install.

I've read on another forum that MS are aware of the problem and looking at a patch asap - hope so.

Def not printer related as I've tried all sorts, network Xerox's, local USB HP's, list of printers used is endless and all the same results from users with this problem.

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