Outlook XP/2003 rules dont work for message forwarding etc

By swisstonihasher ·
Hi there,

Need a little help with Outlook XP/2003's automatic forward messages/redirection option. I'm running 2003 Exchange with all clients using the above but I'm unable to get Outlook rules to work. I can setup email forwarding/redirection on a users account via Exchange admin pack's Active Directory mmc but if you try to set it up via the user's outlook rules setting, no emails are forward/redirected. Is it a setting in Exchange that needs changing?

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Any Answer?

by thomas.deliduka In reply to Outlook XP/2003 rules don ...

I'm having a big problem with this for any forwarding option, either set in the AD server or setting someone as a delegate or even a rule. No forwards at all!

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Outlook 2003 Auto Forward rules DO NOT AUTO FORWARD

by kathy.fusellier In reply to Outlook XP/2003 rules don ...

Hi guys I have exactly the same problem have external email address's that I need to set up an auto forward to. Have created AD Mailbox and set up specific rule to auto forward all mail it doesn't work - any help advice please?


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May have a solution

by thomas.deliduka In reply to Outlook 2003 Auto Forward ...

I really should post when I find something that works.

I was having a problem also with random "No Information" values in the "Scheduling" Tab in outlook so I looked that up as well and I was directed to an article about updating the SiteFolderServer. I looked at my configuration and found that the SiteFolderServer was set to the wrong server, it was set to the old mail server. The KB article is here:

After I updated my configuration, mail forwarding started to work just fine.

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Still no good

by djg.magdangal In reply to Outlook 2003 Auto Forward ...

Hi there, does anyone have already resolve this problem?im also experiencing exactly the same problem.

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VBA as a workaround

by nickskitch In reply to Outlook XP/2003 rules don ...

You can use the wonderful magic of VBA to get around this service pack for exchange that is blocking the sending of emails to external domains in just 3 lines of code..

(instructions using Outlook 2007)
Copy and paste the below code into Tools > Macro > VB Editor.

Create a rule: Tools > Rules and Alerts > New Rule > Check msgs when they arrive > Next button > click yes to warning > click "run a script" > click "a script" in step 2 and select .... .ForwardEmail

> Hit OK and then Finish. All done.

You can also add logic to only send you emails outside of your work hours. This is great for sending the outlook message to your sms cell phone and such

If (Hour(Time) > 15 And Hour(Time) < 10) Then
'code below goes here
End If

Sub ForwardEmail(Item As Outlook.MailItem)
' Forward the item just received
Set myForward = Item.Forward
' Address the message
myForward.Recipients.Add ""
' Send it
End Sub

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wont last for more than 10 min

by ibaxter In reply to VBA as a workaround

like the idea of this, but it doesn't seem to be working exactly as planned.

Outlook will run the script but for only 10 min max, and after that no more emails can be forwarded.
i'm using xp and outlook 2003

Is there anyway to bypass the 10min resriction?

Thanks all

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