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Outlook XP blocks auto sending of email

By Roy Humphreys ·
I have a system in place which automatically emails clients when a file is placed in a certain directory. I have just updated my Office installation to XP along with the operationg system and am now having problems because Outlook XP prompts me to confirm that this program is allowed to send email on my behalf. The problem is that these files are produced overnight and there are around 1000 or so that get sent. As a result, this process no longer works and my clients are going to get a little annoyed !

Is there any way to tell Outlook XP that this program is ok to send emails on my behalf?


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by Choppit In reply to Outlook XP blocks auto se ...

I don't know if theres a workaround for this problem. I have similar issues with Office 2000 SP2 but it's not a major issue due to the frequency of occurence. Have you considered setting up a third party email client as the default on thi particular system to work around this?

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by Roy Humphreys In reply to

Thanks for the advice. Basically it totally slipped my mind that from 2000 sp2 we had this problem with the enhanced security. I was just hoping there would be some kind of workaround.

Thanks again.


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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to Outlook XP blocks auto se ...

Hi roy (and to chuppit too).

The problem is described at;en-us;290498


It seems that you need to download the admpack to custimze the security settings of Outlook.



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by Roy Humphreys In reply to

Ah, here is my workaround.

Thanks Leopold. After reading the articles, this will deffinately solve my problem. All I need to do now is convince the Exchange admin....

Thanks again


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by Mikael_Steinholtz In reply to Outlook XP blocks auto se ...

You need to use Outlook 2000 SP1 or earlier without the Security Patch. Or, if you can edit the code for sending the mail. Use the Redemption COM-object (

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by Roy Humphreys In reply to

Thanks Mikael,

We do use the Redemption Com object in an Access database we have. I was thinking of asking this 3rd part company to recompile the code to see if they would include it. Yeah, like that would happen. Thanks for a good bit of advice though.



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by Roy Humphreys In reply to Outlook XP blocks auto se ...

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