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Outlook XP -not forwarding pictures

By michaelb ·
A minor issue that I've run into here at the office.

An employee is receiving E-Mail external to our organization, and if she attempts to forward one containing a picture on to another external E-Mail, the picture does not show. We do not strip out pictures when sending (or, the 3rd party responsable for hosting our mail does not), and I've tried (un)checking "Send pictures from the Internet". I've been told that mail from any external source to any other external source will make this occur, though I've yet to get there and test it fully, nor have I been able to get one of the external sources to send me mail to test it.

So, all the recipient gets is the famous red "x". Pertinent sections of the source (sent in HTML) can be included for review.

Michael Bowman

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Outlook XP -not forwardin ...

How is the Mail being forwarded?

If you are using an Exchange Server the problem will be there if not it's local on the machine that the problem is occurring on with some security settings needing to be altered. There is more than just send Pictures that you'll need to tick you'll also need to alter the security lever or better still set it to User Setup or whatever it's called now. You'll also have to go through the security tabs and enable the HTML type E-Mail and not just Plain Text and enable send & receive pictures.

I think that's all you have to do locally but if you are using an Exchange Server you'll have to attack the settings in Exchange and any AD or GP that are involved.


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by michaelb In reply to Outlook XP -not forwardin ...

Well, when it's forwarded internally, via the exchange server, everything comes through intact. However, if it is forwarded to an Internet E-Mail address, the picture does not show. This doesn't appear to occur with attachments, just embedded pictures.
I'm fairly positive that it's confined to the one machine, as nobody else has complained about it. It seems odd that one route will work and the other will not though. I'll check on the user security settings and see what I find.

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by curlergirl In reply to Outlook XP -not forwardin ...

In Outlook 2003 (which it sounds like you are using) there are two different settings for pictures downloaded from the Internet, so be sure you've checked both of them:

1. In Tools/Options/Mail Format/Internet Format, make sure the "When an HTML message..." checkbox is checked.

2. In Tools/Options/Security, click the "Change Automatic Download Settings" button and check the "Warn me before downloading..." box instead of the "Don't download..." checkbox, which is the default.

Hope this helps!

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