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Outlook XP won't send page by e-mail

By worley84 ·
I have a user with Outlook XP that is trying to send a web page as an email. The whole process is: He has an email with a link to a web page. Link opens Internet Explorer. In IE, click on File / Send / Page by E-mail. Outlook starts a new message, put in a email address, but when you click the Send button, nothing happens. Outlook will send email normally as he forwarded me a copy of the email with the link. Also, you can copy the web page and paste it into an Outlook message and it will send.

I have looked through the security settings in Outlook, but don't know what to look for. The user states that he can do this at home. Any ideas?


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by ReWrite In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

What happens if the user uses the address bar in outlook to go to the web page and then chooses send page by email? Same result or does it send this way?



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by senftk In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

Somethings to check is ensure IE and Outlook are set to be the default programs in internet options and that Outlook is set to send email via HTML:

1. IE and Outlook are set to be the default programs:

In IE click on tools > internet options, then go to the programs tab and ensure outlook is set to default email program and then ensure the "Internet explorer should check whether it is the default browser" option is checked.

2. Outlook to send email in html format:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab. Click to select HTML in the "Send in this message format" list, and click OK.

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by G... In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

when i'm doing something like that the mail is just sent to the outbox in outlook. It works perfectly when i just start outlook. It sends the mail as normal.

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by John Blyth In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

I'm having the same problem on 1 PC out of 129 - I too would like to know the solution, as everything seems to be OK, and I haven't made any changes that would have altered any settings...

John in Sunny Western Australia

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by worley84 In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

I my case, it was apparently the email itself. When the user got another email from the same newsletter, the email sent properly from IE. There must be something in the code for the page. Sorry I can't be more help!

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Corrupt Outlook Profile

by UsagitheWarrior In reply to Outlook XP won't send pag ...

I just finished troubleshooting almost the exact same problem. Most likely you're dealing with a corrupt Outlook Profile. Profiles get corrupt due to any number of things. In my case it was a combination of corrupt Pop 3 account settings as well as corrupt rules wizard settings. The easiest thing to remedy this problem is just to delete the old profile, and create a new one for the user. You may want to create a backup of the old profile as well, just in case you need to get any old information from it. I used the program from a company named Toplang called OEBackup to backup all of the old profile information. A trial version can be downloaded from the following website -

The good thing about the program is that after you do the backup, you can select which features of the old profile you want to import into the new profile. I was able to import some of the old profile settings that weren't corrupted(i.e. the rules, pst files, signatures, account info, etc) into the new profile which saved me a lot of trouble of having to re-setup everything in the new profile.

If you want step by step instructions on what I did, feel free to send me an e-mail at

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Ha Ha..

by UsagitheWarrior In reply to Corrupt Outlook Profile

Didn't realize this was a two year old thread. Hope my answer helps someone else out there who's having the same problem.

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