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Outlook Zipping Attachments

By Mark ·
I have a client with Outlook 2002 for his email client. When he sends attachements, they are automatically zipped and he does not want this. I see there are many utilities to do this, but he says he has not installed any and I cannot see anything in the program list or Add/Remove that stands out. I also looked in the Registry for Outlook Add-ins, but nothing really stands out. Outlook Express does not do this. Can someone point me to a file or Registry area to try and stop this madness?

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by BFilmFan In reply to Outlook Zipping Attachmen ...

There are several utilities that will perform those functions. A bunch are listed here:

Also check to see if Winzip 9.0 is on the system. It has a tool to perform the exact function you are describing.

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by Mark In reply to

I can't see any obvious evidence of a program being installed. I am looking for a file or registry entry that will tell me what is doing it and how to undo it.

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by ReWrite In reply to Outlook Zipping Attachmen ...

It almost sounds like the user has ZipOut. Check in the email options and see if there is a tab for Micro Eye ZipOut.



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by Mark In reply to

Nothing there. That's my problem, I don't see any obvious programs.

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by statykserver In reply to Outlook Zipping Attachmen ...

Maybe you can send the add/remove program list so we can determine more easily which application is the culprit. A solution that may be worth the try is to back up his mail/contact/etc folders and uninstall outlook and then reinstall it. (make sure you get the product code key if it is a standalone version.)

Good luck

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by Mark In reply to

I already stated that nothing there stands out.

I finally figured it out though. It turns out it was Quick View Plus. When I right clicked on a document, I noticed there was an option to compress it. Trying the option brought up Quick View Plus. Checking into the help text lead me to the solution of changing an option that automatically zips files larger than 100K in Outlook or Exchange. It certainly wasn't an obvious feature.

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by Mark In reply to Outlook Zipping Attachmen ...

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