Outlook2003 PaperClip but no attachment

By manuela.kretschmer ·

my coworkers are asking me why they see sometimes a paper clip with the mail but there is no attachment.

The mail does not show any security messages about blocked content.
It must be something else.

Does anyone have an idea where this come from?

Many thanks,

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HTML format mail

by Bizzo In reply to Outlook2003 PaperClip but ...

I often get the paperclip when images are embedded in an HTML mail. I can see the images, but am unable to use the "save attachments" option.

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Yes its HTML but no pictures to see

by manuela.kretschmer In reply to HTML format mail


yes, it is an HTML E-Mail but we are wonderning where the attachment is. I also do not see any embedded pics.

I also checked the client settings if it should show all e-mails in plain text. But it shows it as HTML.

Any other suggestions?

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by clarkd038 In reply to Yes its HTML but no pictu ...

If you are familiar with HTML you can view the source of an Email to see what the content is, this can help you determine what the "attached item" is supposed to be. Just open the email, in Oulook '07 click on other actions then view source.

Hope this helps

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