Outlooks Express HTML EMAIL Issue

By rsuarez ·
Hi All,

When I send an HTML email from Outlook to Outlook Express, the html links do not work (not clickable). However, when I send myself the email with Outlook and read it through Outlook proper, all the links work just fine.

I also tried sending the email from Outlook Express and reading it through Outlook Express and everything worked fine.

Why doesn't the html template work when I send from Outlook to Outlook Express?

Here are a few things I already tried:
1. Unchecked read messages as plain text in OE
2. I loosened all security functions in OE
3. Made sure compose message format was HTML in OL
4. In OE I verified the source info of the received email and it seems that all html tags have been stripped out (which explains why the links are not working, but how can I get this to stop happening?)

5.The links also work fine when sent to a gmail account.

I should mention that my OL email account uses a different mailserver as my OE account. I considered that this problem (stripping of html tags) could be happening at the server level of my OE account. If this is so, why is it that I can receive html email from other parties?

Thanks for the help!

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