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I recently recently rebuilt a laptop for reintroduction onto the company's LAN. It was a simple XP (inc SP2)/ office 2002 (upgraded to '03)/ adobe 6.0 setup. However, the user keeps getting an error every time she opens a PDF. It prompts looking to update, (outls11.msi), Outlook '03. Why does opening Adobe cause this to happen?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. Have solved this problem, but it is now trying to install these files when the user opens Adobe:

These DLLs are for tablet PCs, which this laptop isn't. Dispite this, I got the files, and placed them at the desired location,
(Some are ment to be in:
C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ Files\ PFiles\ Common\ MSShared\ Office11\ Files\ System
Other in:
C:\Program Files\ Microsoft Office\ Files\ System)

However, it is still claiming that the files are not there. This is really confusing. Can anyone explain the reasons/ possible reasons that this is happening?

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Please try !!

by internetspider In reply to Outls11.msi

I think this is installation problem, reinstall ur office complete with clean or new cd and select custom installation option Run All from my computer.

restart ur system and then check.
It is possible that ur cd or dvd cannot read and install the files.

if there is something please post.

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Very embarrased

by mr.sweetchuck In reply to Please try !!

I miss typed the file path. I feel like an idiot.

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