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Hope someone can help me with an Outlook issue I am having. We are about to roll out Windows 7 machines. Our environment is ratehr unique and for reasons too long to say here, every user in Active Directory has a profile path pointing to a directory on the local C drive and this directory resides on every machine. So what we used to do in WinXP is setup a machine the way we want it with a local account and then copy that profile to the C drive and create an image and deploy it. Worked fine. Those of you who know Windows 7 know it's not as simple anymore as you know have to use sysprep to copy a local profile to the default user profile and then copy from there - fine. So I do that and then copy the defauly user profile to the C drive. I then login with one of my domain accounts and everything seems fine. I can open Outlook (which is Outlook 2010 BTW) and no issues. However if i logout and login as any other domain user, I cannot open Outlook. I get an error saying 'Can't start Outlook.' Only that first user is able to use it. Now if I remove that profile directory off my C drive (or just rename it), when a user logs in it basically uses the default user profile which in reality is the same exact profile since I copied that, and when done this way all users can use Outlook - hope this makes sense. So it seems something is happening to my copied profile. Being that this is Microsoft's recommended approach (I know most people would copy the profile to a server share rather than the local disk like we do but it's the same thing)what could be causing this issue? It really does seem like it's only Outlook that is having the issue. Could 2010 be my issue? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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