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Outraged by RIAA

By 0utraged ·
The RIAA is nothing more than a money hungry group of individuals that didn't get to roast enough ants with a magnifying glass in their youth. While protecting 85% of American recording artists' work, they seem to be looking for money and control, via intimidation, like so many other tyrants.

I am a car audio installer, and have been for a long time, and couldnt imagine buying more bass testing songs every time someone ran off with my disc, and I don't know but a few people that actually go out and buy music from a store or online.

I don't see how you can protect the artists from a few hundred million to a billion people, downloading music and videos illegaly via peer to peer file sharing. with a loss of about 95% of their potential earnings, I can see why the RIAA is so pissed off, but to fine someone (Jammie Thomas) $1.9 million for 24 songs, what is that??? That's garbage.

If she couldnt pay that, and was held in contempt in exchange for $50 per day, she would be in jail for 104 years! How is that just? But If you shoot someone, and get sentenced to life in prison in almost any state, a life sentence is a minimum of 25 to 30 years. So I ask this to the RIAA, Should I be more afraid to download music than to shoot someone?

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An industry

by santeewelding In reply to Outraged by RIAA

Owing its existence to the stroke of a pen, can have near anything it wants with more strokes of the pen.

Get used to it.

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You really have that much problem

by Michael Jay In reply to Outraged by RIAA

with doing the right thing, just buying the music, it really is not that much money, and saves a lot of hassle in the long run.

Oh, and protect your music, don't let people run off with it.

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Protecting Intellectual Property

by maxwell edison In reply to Outraged by RIAA

Protecting Intellectual Property not only rewards those who create it, but encourages future creation of the same.

Bottom line: do you agree or disagree that such Intellectual Property should be protected from those who would steal it and share it at will?

P.S. If you let someone run off with the CD that you purchased, you should blame yourself, not the one who created the intellectual property. What if they ran off with your CD player? Would you expect the manufacturer to give you another one free of charge?

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Well, in that case...

by 0utraged In reply to Protecting Intellectual P ...

I'm not mad that the RIAA is enforcing copyright laws, I am mad that they are imposing such harsh penalties for non violent crimes, that really aren't causing anyone any kind of physical harm.

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by santeewelding In reply to Well, in that case...

And, "physical", also owe to the stroke of a pen, my man.

I sympathize with your gut feeling, though.

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Ah, so monetary damage doesn't merit penalties?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Well, in that case...

Bernie Madoff will be relieved to hear that.

The RIAA doesn't impose penalties; courts impose penalties.

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The RIAA is not imposing "such harsh penalties"

by maxwell edison In reply to Well, in that case...

The courts (and juries) are "imposing such harsh penalties".

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It's obvious that you simply want to vent . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Well, in that case...

.... maybe because you let people steal your property.

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So charge them.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Outraged by RIAA

Add the cost of the CD to the bill.

Just because you don't know people who buy digital music doesn't keep it from being the most popular current method of distribution. That fact causes me to believe you install more units with some form of connection for an MP3 player than without.

If that's the case, quit testing with CDs. Get a cheap MP3 player and give a customer a discount if he loads some thumping test tracks for you. Then use a couple of feet of heavy chain to connect it to a cinder block; ain't nobody driving off with that boat anchor.

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Not that easy

by 0utraged In reply to So charge them.

How can i charge someone extra for something after they have left with it? and not every cd player I install has Ipod\mp3\auxiliary capabilities

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