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Outrageous or Me - Part II

I've seen a lot of "reached your maximum post" messages in my original discussion, so just in case you can't move on from this issue, here's a NEW discussion.
Originally I was shock and agitated that XP had suddenly disappeared with Vista's release. Apparently a LOT of other people were too! And I saw some very good and very thoughtful posts, and some emotional ones and some less-than-helpful ones as well. I think the discussion reflected the general reaction to Microsoft's marketing strategy vis a vis VISTA: "Wrong." And to their credit,their other OS's re-appeared, as if Lazarus himself had placed an order with them for an "as-was" version.
I want to thank everyone for their insights, reactions, contributions and comments; it was a great discussion and if you look at the outcome, an influential one, for we now have the products again available to which we were used to having access.
I downloaded and looked at alternate OSs; I suspect many others did as well, and MS has certainly lost some market share to this exploration. Change is good. Let's keep a close eye on what changes next, and let's keep everyone honest by freely commenting on what does transpire.
Personally I am used to XP, and will continue to use XP for as long as I can manage it. I will also continue to experiment with other systems and who knows where it will all lead?
Again, thank you all so much for a GREAT discussion!

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