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By exildaphiri ·
whatare the advantages and disadvantages of out sourcing.
what are the considerations when you want to outsource.

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by zaferus In reply to outsorcing

This questions needs more clarification: what are you looking to outsource and why?

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by brian In reply to outsorcing

Biggest advantage is - NO EMPLOYEES- Saves cost of Health Insurance, Payroll Taxes, Workers Comp, and general employeee administrative costs. Furthermore, consulting companies generally come in with more familiarity with multiple ways of solving the problems they work on. An employee typically only has true expertise in using the system he/she is familiar with. Outside vendors typically provide solutions that vary according to the customer needs. Outsourcing can be priced in all sorts of ways. Some jobs my be a per unit price for something like a scanning or dictation service. Other jobs might be per man hour or per task completed.

Outsourcing may save money or may not depends on functions being outsourced. By outsourcing an employer gives up a certain level of control, but may gain the ability to fire at will. The advantages and disadvantages are debateable based on the job and the contractors as well as the cost to implement internally. Some jobs may require special expertise that would require a company to invest in an employee (who may find a higher paying job once trained). Many outsource tasks make sense if the scale is so small that it is difficult to manage. As the scale grows companies often find it is worth doing the job themselves.

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by NTOz In reply to outsorcing

Ya! You should start by outsourcing your self, Im sure someone would be better then you in India!

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by usprw In reply to outsorcing

Sir please do visit , it gives the full advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing . I just visited the sight it is prity good

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by gnuso4 In reply to outsorcing

I tried to find the web site, but it has been moved. Can you, please, send some useful links for outsourcing basics, especially in India?

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