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Outsourcing Admin on the Weekend

By caser85 ·
I would like some advice about a service I am thinking about starting. I work as a full time network administrator. What I want to do is get other network admins like myself that would like some side-jobs on the weekend. Through my web site, small businesses would be able to hire an admin to come in on the weekend while the network isn't being used as much and do specific jobs. This way the company wouldn't have to hire a full-time network admin. What should I charge for this type of service? Does this sound like a good idea? I am located in the bay area (California).

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Outsourcing Admin on the Weekend

by McKayTech In reply to Outsourcing Admin on the ...

As a business model, I like it a lot and I do something similar in another part of the country. What creates a big market for it here is that the big players in the third-party service space insist on working M-F 8 to 5 unless the customer really squawks about downtime - then they'll do it on the weekend at a doubled rate. Also, the relative experience of their field staff is typically low (often entry-level).

But in your model, the customer gets an experienced admin or engineer and downtime during off hours and they shouldn't necessarily pay less for that. So for rates, I would recommend a rate survey of existing businesses and aim for that range.

The one caution I would offer is make sure you have someone available on the Mondaymorning after any heavy-duty weekend work - it seems like there are always little glitches that come up when the users first log on to start their day.

Best wishes! Grew up in the Bay Area myself...


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Outsourcing Admin on the Weekend

by caser85 In reply to Outsourcing Admin on the ...

Thank you very much for the advice. I will do a survey and try to find out what the average rate is. I think the business model will work. You're right that I will probably have to have someone available on Monday morning because I'm sure something would need tweaking. What part of the bay area did you grow up in? Right now I'm working in the Pleasant Hill/Concord area. I may have more questions after I think about this some more. Thanks again!

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