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Outsourcing Exchange...

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by Bobsta In reply to Outsourcing Exchange...

I would only make Exchange someone else's problem if I had more than 1000 users!!
Exchange isn't a problem aslong as it's well documented, SMTP Connectors, Public folders etc.
And aslong as you're happy with your Backups.
Whats also pretty useful is if you're using Outlook 2003, you can enable Cached mode, so if your Exchange goes down, users can still access existing e-mails whilst you are sorting out your Exchange Server.

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by zaferus In reply to Outsourcing Exchange...

An interesting topic, but need a lot more information to provide an opinion. Some of the questions are:
How many users?
Any remote users who need webmail?
Do you need public folders?
Are you looking at just pop3 connections for E-mail or having the server onsite and just managed remotely by a provider?
Do you currently run Exchange? If not what do you run and why?
What are the driving reasons you are thinking about this?

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by Pharus In reply to Outsourcing Exchange...

What is your main driver to outsource Exchange? Do you have other applications/areas outsourced?

If your drive to outsource is because of resource issues, rather contract someone in that can support it.

Considerations for outsourcing exchange:
1. Do you only outsource the exchange user administration portion or the the entire exchange environment, including servers.
2. Outsouring the exchange servers as well, how do you coordinate slow response and other issues where the domain admins and exchange admins start blaming each other.

Remember that outsourcing bits and pieces to various vendors can easily land up in a finger pointing exercise - outsource companies don't liking admitting mistakes as it may lead, in their mind, to contract termination.

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by akalinowski In reply to

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by akalinowski In reply to Outsourcing Exchange...

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