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outsourcing : getting projects....

By jojowilliams ·
How to get U.S. and Europen companies to outsource I.T. projects ? We are a software consultancy/development firm in S.India and our marketing techniques have run into dead-ends ? Any tips...
We specialise on all versions of Oracle + e-commerce andhave done a few projects on SQL SERVER 2000. Mainly 'Time Management and HR projects'.

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So what have you tried so far...?

ALright, well, can you say what you company has done so far to market yourself and get clients. Maybe talking about what you have already tried will help figuring something else out.

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time and attendance systems

by jojowilliams In reply to So what have you tried so ...

Our primary product is 'Time and Attendance' management system linked to a clients 'HR/payroll' system (either inhouse or a custom package developed for the client by us). The time management solution has been developed in Oracle 8 and Forms 6. It links to clocks that use magentic I.D. cards for staff punching. This data is transferred using PRO*C to the UNIX/windows server and loaded to the Oracle database. The application software has provisions for shiftplans, absences, overtime calc, lateness, flexi schemes, user management, reports etc. We are presently migrating to the Oracle 9i environment and hope to have the application interface via the web and also are beta-testing fingerprinting clock interface. For customers using a windows/sql server environment we have a 'time management-lite' version without the full options available on the Oracle environmnet(will finish the full product in the final quarter of the year- the flexi scheme programming has to be done on the SQL server version).
Need more info on other developments....

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well, that is some interesting work you are doing there, however, my question related more to what have you tried doing so far to get clients from the states? I think that was your initial question and problem you wanted to solve...right?

What marketing, advertising etc have you tried that has failed? If it has.

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by SpikeyMike In reply to outsourcing : getting pro ...

Hi Jo Jo!

I'm not trying to be rude - just informative.

I'm sure you know what an H1-B Visa is. Many IT shops have been/are in the proccess of being BURNED by so-called "Experts from India". It doesn't matter that you're not from India, you're Eastern, so you get lumped in with them. Basically, IT has discovered that the Eastern developer does not think the same way that a Western developer does. While the end result of the Eastern developers efforts get the job done, it is generally not a straight line from Point 'A' to point 'B', but rather a circuitous route passsing by points 'D' & 'Z' along the way! This causes expenses to double or triple when it comes to maintaining the application. Thereby negating any savings realized during the initial development.

I don't know you, or your company's product. But, fair or not, because of past experiences with Eastern developers, I wouldn't hire you to develop my kids scheduler. Unfortunately, you are going to find that sentiment in most IT shops.



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