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Outsourcing IT

By mberg ·
One of the most destructive moves US can do. Sending our jobs overseas is insane. US will pay dearly for this in future. We need to get into the mindset that if you want to survive,
Buy American. The companies with a one-minded and selfish mindset to leave our shores should be boycoted and heavely taxed with import duties for their goods and services.

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The same thing all over again

by maxwell edison In reply to Outsourcing IT

That's the same thing that was said in the 80s when there was all the uproar about manufacturing jobs being sent overseas. But instead of the doom and gloom predictions coming true in the 90s, there was both record low unemployment and record high growth. I'm not necessarily suggesting that outsourcing caused the low unemployment and high growth, but is does show that outsourcing doesn't necessarily cause all the predicted doom and gloom outcomes.

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