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    Outsourcing, leave or stay


    by lucyling ·

    My company is going through a major outsourcing process, as most traditional non-IT companies do these days. After this is done more than half of the IT staff will be sold to an IT consulting company who will be providing support and consulting to my company.

    Having been in the IT department of a traditional company for so long, many people wonder about the work culture and career path in an IT company that wants to increase its market share in BPO. We are hoping that in an IT company whereIT skills are core competency, we would have a better career path and more opportunities. Where as in a traditional company IT deparment is always second to Sales, marketing and R&D. Has anyone gone through similar merger and acquisition? How do youfeel about the different atmosphere and the adjustment needed?

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      One perspective

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to Outsourcing, leave or stay

      I spent almost 20 years in a couple of ICT service companies. I have good news and bad news based on my experiences.

      The good news is that almost all capital expenditures are focused on ICT. There is no competition with a manufacturing unit forfunds. A significant portion of the budget will go towards necessary training, equipment and software vendors will invest huge sums of time and money in sales pursuit, and most of the facility issues are handled with an ICT focus.

      The bad news is that it is still about sales, ROI, and cost savings to improve profit margins. The big bonuses will go more to top sales than to top technologists. Every enhancement to systems will be measured against the impact on services provided to the clients, and ROI will kill many initiatives. Advancement is possible, but the focus will be on the customer, not the employee. Transfers, training, and advancement will all be sacrificed to keep the customer happy.

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      Oldelar, it would be a pleasure to meet.

      by areets ·

      In reply to Outsourcing, leave or stay

      We speak of the ICT sector. Thoses companies with such focuses; could they define for me what that ?ICT focus? is. Once again, rightfully so, manufacturers, vendors and integrators are at all times considered in a ?silo? manor. There is no self-propelling standardization policy that will allow ANY company to simply be the best.

      Which company, today, have realized and implemented internal strategies that enhance productivity, improve the value of IT&Busisnes and maintain the distinction between the infrastructure cost to the business that is so important and pure infrastructure support costs?

      I?ll say this for myself. Not ever will I assess without both sides of the scale (without the employee I do not have a business (You see, Bill did get it right). If my customers are happy, (not at the detriment of the employee), so business will win, whether slowly or fast.

      But, there are not many IT managers who understand this and is capable of achieving it. And, yes many CIOs too.

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