over clocking,.,.

By garrycenit_0521 ·
hi! i just want to know why is it "over clocking failure, press F1 to set up bios or F2 to continue setup load defaults,.,(something like that)always post up every after pc boot. hope you can help! thanks!:)

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Details please

by jardinier In reply to over clocking,.,.

Before anyone could attempt to answer your question they would need to know:

1. Specifications of computer: CPU speed, memory.

2. Operating system -- e.g. Windows XP.

3. How long have you had the computer?

4. Have you had it upgraded recently?

5. If you have had it upgraded, is that when the error message first appeared?

As you give no details in your profile, I will assume for the moment that you are not a computer Pro.

Overclocking means running the CPU at a higher speed than it is designed to run. For example if your CPU is, say 500 MHz and you are running it at 700 MHz, then it is "overclocked." The speed can be altered by changing the position of "jumpers" on the motherboard.

The primary result of overclocking is that the CPU gets too hot. So if it is overclocked, you could probably feel or smell the heat.

Okay, let's take it from there.

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