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    over range error


    by sfawc ·

    when trying to play some gameblast/shockwave games the game will not load and i get an over range message on my monitor

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      by gary56789 ·

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      Try the following URL and let us know if this helps:

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      by thechas ·

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      An over range warning from your monitor means that your video card is attempting to set a mode or refresh rate that the monitor does not support.

      Start by making sure you have the latest driver installed for your video card, and that your monitor is correctly identified in display properties.

      Next, from the Run box on the start menu, run dxdiag and verify that the DirectX diagnostic tool does not find any system problems.

      If you are still having problems, post some more specific information on your system.

      CPU speed,
      amount of RAM,
      video card / system
      Monitor make and model

      Version of Windows
      Specific games that give the error message.

      And any other detail that might help us diagnose your problem.


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