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Over wire install of Win2K to Linux box

By generator ·
Our organization has recently aquired a large number of rack mounted Linux servers sans floppy drives, CD drives. We are interested in installing Win2K Server on to each of them. Because of the number of machines and the tedious process necessary to dis-assemble each box and add a CD ROM Drive. We are hoping to accomplish an OS migration across the LAN connection. Not being particularly familiar with LINUX, we'd be interested in some suggestions as to how to proceed. Install to Dual Boot status? Mount a network share containing WIN2K install files and run install from DOSEMU? When we "break" the boot process and using "LINUX SINGLE" at the "LILO BOOT:" prompt, and type "WHOAMI" the response is root. We have reset the IP Address to conform to our subnet and can ping it from other Windows machines on the network. Any suggestions?

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Over wire install of Win2K to Linux box

by Jaqui In reply to Over wire install of Win2 ...

to install dual boot of win onto the linux boxes, you have to have win installed first. windows requires being on the first primary partition, and that has to be set up before you install linux.
the only way to implement would be to use a third party partition tool, give the win system the acess as server to the linux boxes and use the partioning tool to rip linux off the boxes, then format and put win on them, then you would have to re-install linux to get the dual boot option.

you would actually have a faster and more stable network keeping the linux boxes as is.

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Over wire install of Win2K to Linux box

by generator In reply to Over wire install of Win2 ...

It appears that linux and Windows 2000 conflict in their use of the Master boot record on the primary hard drive. We found that we had to use a manufacturer's utility to remove the MBR linux signature prior to reformatting and installing Win 2K. No"across the wire" installation we could conceive of would gracefully handle the MBR issue.

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