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By findparo ·
I have a pc with 2.0 Ghz intel P4,MB Gigabyte,256 mb ram,80 Gb Hdd.
By default my system is running at 2.0 ghz
i tried to overclock it and increased the clock speed to 130 (Its 100 by defalt).after that my cpu speed became 2.6ghz but the problem is that after my sound device(onboard)is not recognised(gives error sound device not found) after overclocking.as i reduce the speed to default it starts working again.The operating system i tried were Win Xp Media center with Sp2, Windows server 2000 with Sp4 and 98 second edition.can i get my sound driver identified by the OS.

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by Wackymac In reply to overclocking

If you could give the model of the Gigabyte board it would help out a little more. Each motherboard has quarks.

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by mjd420nova In reply to overclocking

When over-clocking system boards, the FSB gets boosted too. The plug in cards, video, sound, and NIC's often can't keep up unless you've gotten the next level cards (usually from 400 MHZ to 533 MHZ.) This can cause the failures you see. This will also result in overheating of some cards that weren't provided with fans big enough to handle the extra heat from the faster speed.

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by B_Pope In reply to overclocking

Which OS you use doesn't matter, your also running an Intel CPU which are lame for OC'ing to begin with, you also don't have enough RAM or likely a decent brand that will OC well.

Your multiplier for your CPU will be locked so your only left with three settings you can even use to OC your MB, which is true of almost all PC's. They are raising your CPU frequency incrementally (& slowly 1 or 2 MHz at a time), uping your voltage & changing your RAM timings.

Depending on which BIOS you have & it's settings you'll not affect any of your PCI cards by raising your FSB.

With that 2.0GHz Intel CPU your looking at maybe OC'ing it to a stable 2.2 to 2.25GHz if your lucky, more like a 10% OC to 2.1GHz. However unless your going to drop in some good RAM (OCZ Tech, Corsair) & either 512MB or 1GB of it, I'd skip even trying.

If your trying to OC for more speed upgrade your MB, CPU & RAM.
If you want to OC go with an AMD CPU.

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