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Overclocking Failure

By Pierce_oc ·
Anyone out there run into this: I just built a system with an ASUS K8V-X with AMD 64 3400+ socket 754; 1X 512 Crucial pc3200 DDRAM.
I heard a sound in my speakers, a sound like static sound,then i know that the computer is going to crash,after that i restart my computer and i saw this message overclocking failed and giving me the option of pressing F1 to go into the BIOS or F2 to continue with loading defaults. Pressing F2 allows me to continue but the issue is I haven't done anything to overclock and to the best of my knowledge I am already running with defaults set in the BIOS. Has anyone out there run into this

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by rustyguy999 In reply to Overclocking Failure

I have run into that problem on an Abit motherboard, did you clear the CMOS before setting things up? Just set the BLUE jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3 for 5-10 seconds and then reenter your bio's information. The jumper is located near the bottom of the motherboard just to the rt of the last PCI slot.

Hope it help.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Overclocking Failure

Yes I would be clearing the BIOS as well the most likely problem if you are seeing the right CPU Speed is that the FSB is set wrong and hence the Multiplier is set wrong as well which is making the M'Board Over Clock the CPU. Generally however when this happens you get a slower reading of the CPU then what it actually is.


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by dmiles In reply to Overclocking Failure

C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
When the system hangs due to overclocking failure, there is no need to open the case to clear CMOS data. Simply restart the system and the BIOS will automatically restore the CPU default setting for each parameter.

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by Frenchwood In reply to Overclocking Failure

It sounds like your FSB is set wrong.

Considering that the systems is self built, i would imagine that the FSB jumper was overlooked during build (done it myself endless number of times).

If you are running a 64 processor, i would imagine that BIOS is showing it as something else, Check as you boot your machine and see what BIOS reports the CPU as. If it reports it as an AMD 64 3400 processor, then i would head for a CMOS clear, if it reports as something else, then i would check that the FSB jumper settings are correct for the Chip.

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by goasakawa In reply to Overclocking Failure

You may also want to ceck your mobo feature AS WELL AS reset the mobo. My 64 AMD Mobo (MSI) takes advantage of 'hyperthreading' or self-overclocking and adjusts its own clock when it needs the juice for gaming or dvd authoring...

I did OC it myself but turned off a lot of the things in the bios that would not play nice with my board like 'timings', 'dynamic oc'ing' and especially the infamous 'spread spectrum'. Just cunsult the mobo manual and keep tweaking.

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by wlbowers In reply to Overclocking Failure

Asus has provided us with critical recovery.

Overclockers love Asus. They can go to excess and if the system will not boot and they have to power down. It will reset the bios to default and let the machine boot.

This feature looks at a non logical shutdown. It does not mean you are overclocking, it just means the system went down under the conditions that trip the reset.

I love Asus.

Good Luck


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by tom_wors In reply to Overclocking Failure

i have more or less the same problem. i have the ASUS K8 motherboard and when i went to overclock it, it underclocked it 50%. i resest the bios and the cmos jumper. my bios reads 2000MHZ (default) but windows only recognizes 1000MHZ. its a little confusing

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