Overclocking / temp Monitor

By nick.askew ·
I have a ASrock 775i65G with an Intel Pentium D **5+.

I am looking to overclock this if it is possible, and wanted to know of the best way of doing this and what software should be used, whilst doing this i want to keep an eye on the temp of the processor as I have heard they are hot beasts, what will monitor the heat best for me.

any webbys people can direct me to would be great as well.

Many thanks in advance


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Overclocking / Temp Monitor

by jdlewis In reply to Overclocking / temp Monit ...

OK, Sorry if this is not much use, but I have been trying to do the same thing - only with a Pentium D805 CPU. By simply adjusting the Front Side Bus (FSB) setting in the bios (in 5Mhz incriments), I have managed to increase the current speed to 3.10Ghz (155x20). This is the highest I have managed as after this point the system becomes unstable for want of power to the cpu. Unfortunatly I have not found a place for adjusting the cpu power settings in the bios.

As for monitoring the motherboard temperature is concerned, it is completely unsupported by Asrock (yup, I asked them) and the only program that I could find that would do the job was Systool which is available at However, I should warn you that this software is still in its beta stages and I wouldn't garentee its other features - some havn't been implimented yet.

Should you find ways to get past the blocks that I have come across with the power settings, I would be gratefull if you would post the answer on this forum.

James Lewis

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