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Sometimes my computer stops working? After a cold start I get the message Overclocking press F1 to go to setup, F2 to use defaults. I press F2 and everything return to normal. Why does this keep happing? I dont know anything about Overclocking?

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Go into your BIOS and select "Load default settings"..

When you do this your computer will run at the default settings instead of the overclocked settings that you might have set.
You might need to go into the BOOT settings to make sure your devices are correct, like your cd/dvd drive being the first boot device etc.

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What type of Board

by LarryD4 In reply to Overclocking

Whats the PC brand or if you know, whats the motherboard brand?

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This happens most times

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Overclocking

Because the CPU is not correctly Identified in BIOS. You can enter the wrong Settings and still have the right Speed of the CPU by entering the Wrong Front Side Buss and Multiplier which is a form of Overclocking even if it's actually running slower than the Manufactures Rating.

Depending on what is happening here and the type of computer involved it may be necessary to Flash the BIOS to a newer version or it may just be necessary to allow BIOS to return to it's Factory Defaults.

If this is a Off the Shelf System with a name like Dell, HP, Gateway and so on when you next see this message press FI and select Load Failsafe Defaults then press Enter and save your changes when you exit BIOS.

If this is a Custom Made Computer it may be necessary to Flash the BIOS to a newer Version to get the full benefits of the CPU you are using.

If this is a older desktop computer the BIOS Battery could need replacing as it has gone flat and is no longer storing the required information in BIOS. The easy way to check this is boot the computer and look at the time that the Operating System shows. If it is way wrong in both Date & Time you most likely need to replace the BIOS Battery and reset the Date & Time then load the Fail Safe Defaults.

If this is a NB and is displaying the wrong Date & Time you either need to recharge the Smart Socket Technology used to power the Real Time Clock and BIOS Stored Data or if it is older replace the BIOS Battery.


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