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    overheating laptop, why?


    by loatika ·

    I have a toshiba laptop, I am able to use for maybe an hour or little over.
    But after that the laptop shuts off automatically; and it just goes on and

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      by loatika ·

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      More info required…

      by older mycroft ·

      In reply to overheating laptop, why?

      Model of laptop?
      Do you hear the intake fan at all?

      It is unusual for any computer to take an hour to overheat per se.

      If it is indeed overheating you may find that the heatsink / intake fan(s) / ducting pathways / intake vents have become generally choked with fluff, dust, crumbs of food etc.

      The one hour period would indicate that normally generated heat (building up over that hour) is having difficulty escaping from the system, thereby increasing steadily over that period of time – rather than being efficiently dispersed and expelled from the laptop.

      Can you feel a steady flow of cold air at the intake fans going into the laptop?
      Can you feel a steady flow of hot air being exhausted from the laptop?

      The heatsink attached to the CPU may well be clogged with dirt and dust.

      You didn’t mention how quickly you can restart after these shutdowns.

      A can of compressed air is your best first option. Blast as much dust out of the intake vents / exhaust ports as you can. Depending on your technical proficiency you may be faced with removing the upper or lower casings to gain access to some of the more inaccessible areas for cleaning out the dust.

      This may be better carried out by a computer technician.

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