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    overheating laptop


    by loatika ·

    hello all, I have a toshiba laptop that like to shut down after an hour or so; gets to hot. why and how can I tackle this problem of overheat cpu/heatsinker?????

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      by loatika ·

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      Several things that you can try

      by oh smeg ·

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      If this is a used NB pull the cover off the CPU and make sure that the CPU’s Heat Sink is clean.

      Make sure that nothing is blocking the air intakes on this unit most likely something on the desk/bench could be getting sucked up and is blocking the air flow.

      But more importantly fit a NB Cooler as this will cool everything down including the CPU, RAM & HDD and stop so much dust and other junk being sucked in. Something like this

      Works a treat and keeps everything cool again, it runs from 1 USB Port and sits under the NB and with the air flow that is passed across everything it cools everything down and because of the design just about all of the dust and other rubbish that would have been sucked in by the Fan/s get sent elsewhere.


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