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The study was cute, as far as it went. But we all pretty much know where the traffic originates. What we still may not be aware of, despite the article, is the actual cost of unwanted traffic.

An established entity needs to have reserve coverage of at least 25% of previous maximum system use/flow; for a growing firm, that is much higher... 50-100%. That means hardware costs, maintenance costs, overhead costs for electricity, fire suppression, storage, backup off-site storage, personnel costs ... just to touch on true overhead.

And the cost of labor is often under-estimated; salary is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to personnel costs. In addition to salary costs, most people who stop and think could tell you there are also employer SS taxes, and employee benefits packages. But how many stop to consider basic acquisition costs for each new emplyee, the rental costs on the space where the employee sits, the workers' compensation insurance costs, company liability insurance on the site ... I could go on and on, but I think people have realized by this point that "cost of anything" can be far more than first meets the eye.

And the article also omitted the cost of bandwidth. In one way or another, staying connected to the Internet -- or just links in your own WAN -- costs. In addition, we must realize that it can cost more to not have enough bandwidth than it does to make certain you have 'more than you need.'

Finally, one fact most people don't realize about corporate/company financial status: A net 1% profit is good. That is how closely fiscal stability vs. financial disaster come to each other. In other words, if trash traffic consumes even 0.10% it can significantly impinge on entity survival.

Seen in these terms, the cost of trash traffic can be quite significant.

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